NSS, comes under the Ministry of Youth affairs and sports. It was launched on Gandhiji’s birth year, 1969 with 37 universities involving in the NSS scheme and over 40000 students involved in this, whose focus is to develop their personality through community service. Now, it has more than 3.72 crores of students from the colleges, universities and colleges, numerically we can say 300 institutions.

NSS volunteers have been making very valuable contribution to the Society, besides developing their own personality. Our college NSS runs with five sub units managed by programme offcers Dr.S.Gothandaraman, M.D.Palanivel, E.Paranathaman, K.Gubendiran, G.Vinayamoorthy, NSS units organised various special camps like adopted villages/ slums, Eye donation camp ,Blood Donation Camp, Cancer camp, Tobacco awareness, voter awareness, Younger Voter awareness etc.,

National Service Scheme (NSS) objectives:
  • Understand the community in which they work