Research Cell at DB Jain

Research is defined as “A systematic investigation including research development, testing and evaluation, designed to develop or contribute generalizable knowledge”. In today’s modern technology, we live with research. Research is an integral and intensive area recognized worldwide.

Dhanraj Baid Jain College has well defined system to promote research by developing epithet as “Research Cell”. The Research cell does creative and systematic work undertaken to increase the knowledge of human minds. It is based on the inquisitiveness or curiosity to know something new and creative as well as innovative in nature.


avails opportunities for collaborating and sharing of knowledge and best practices. It aids the faculty members to equip them with latest skills through training programs by a pro. This The research cell fosters the faculty members by encouraging them to take up research based activities. The cell would expedite them to enrich, enhance and to grow to the optimum. Our Cell is fully assisted by experienced senior faculty members

Each department is motivated to involve in different research activities throughout the academic year. The research activities of our college are periodically monitored by our research cell. Researchers in all categories having creative and innovative ideas are motivated to transform their thoughts by providing research guidance.

Our college is one of the premier research academic institutions in India and we are promoting Research in M.Phil and PhD courses specialized in commerce, computer science, corporate secretary ship, mathematics and physical education with the approval of University of Madras. The faculties are allowed to do various research project which are funded by UGC, ICSSR and secured emeritus