The institution has a well defined policy for promotion of research and the same is uploaded on the institutional website

The institution has a well-defined policy for promotion of research.

A research development cell has been established that will plan, prepare and implement the steps for development of research and development activities in our college. The Research and Development (R&D) Cell was established in 2000 as per the decisions taken by the Academic Council.

The R&D Cell comprise of the following members:

Research Director
Research Supervisors approved by the College
Head of all Academic Departments
Senior Faculties, nominated by the Research Director/Principal
Nominee from the College
Nominee from the Industry

  • The R&D Cell is responsible for assisting the Academic Council in the performance of the Council’s responsibilities in respect of the establishment and promotion of excellence in the
  • Institute’s research and development, and academic and research training activities. This includes the development, review and monitoring of achievements under the Research & Development, and those aspects of other college/Institute Plans.
  • The development and enhancement of the Institute’s research capacities.
  • Motivate all Faculties to pursue research in their respective areas of expertise.
  • The protection and commercialization of the Institute’s intellectual property.
  • Consultancy activities are related to R&D.
  • The provision of research and development opportunities for academic staff to maintain enthusiasm, awareness of current scholarship and relevance in teaching and other Institutional activities.
  • The development of infrastructure conducive to promoting the quality and quantity of research and development.
  • The establishment of research and development priorities; and monitoring the quality and quantity of research and development.
  • Disbursement of Institute Research Funds to established researchers, both individually and in groups; including research infrastructure funds; higher degree by research candidates; seeking grants to researchers; research initiatives across the departments; and provision of consolidated information to the Academic Council and other appropriate Institutional bodies.
  • Monitor the application of Research Funds to ensure that the funds are properly and formally accounted for.
  • Promote emerging areas of research and development.
  • Development of mechanisms conducive to the best possible ways of engaging and motivating research staff.
  • To monitor and enhance the quality of research programs, projects and the research infrastructure within Institute, including the training of research scholars.
  • To be responsible for the progression of research scholars.
  • To foster the development of multi-disciplinary research endeavors across Faculties and departments.
  • Oversee the application of the Code of Research Ethics for the responsible practice of research.
  • To formulate incentive schemes for promoting research activities with teachers and students/scholars.
  • The quality of postgraduate education to be brought up to an internationally high level. An evaluation of PG program to be carried out by the R&D committee.
  • To promote building build strategic, durable partnerships and develop funding solutions with Industries and research Institutions for steering, funding and cooperation.
  • Legislation on higher education is amended to support the export of education