Environment Club

Environment club are often at the heart of a school’s sustainability activities and help achieve meaningful change within school communities. They inspire, motivate and give students opportunities to build leadership skills. We prepared an environment club manual to help you get started and find great project ideas to inspire and activate your students. Students can use the tip sheets, project ideas, case studies and templates to inspire and inform their activities.

“The key to a greener planet is in your hands” —- is the mission of our Environmental Club. The core team strives to pursue activities that result in environmentally friendly decisions that helps to sustain our natural resources. We also impart to our students an environmentally mindful life style which helps them to take ecologically responsible decisions as they grow.

Our students work with the motto of “Go green and save green”. They go on plantation drives in the college and around the city and also execute measures to save the existing greenery.

Our environmental club has been alternatively tagged as “Earth Lovers Club” to signify its vision in promoting affinity towards our planet. Below are the few initiatives by our team in imparting environmental consciousness treasure to our students:

Our college activities
  • Plantation
  • Cleaning campus
  • Students skills development
  • Various Awareness programmes
  • Guest Lecture – “Green Initiatives on household” by Mr. D. Suresh, popularly known as “Solar Suresh” for his “Self sufficient home” generating electricity, bio gas, home grown vegetables and similar home needs. – December 2017
  • Go Green – A team constituting of 40 members undertook the task of revamping the college greenery by initially cleaning the campus and then proceeding with the nurturing of existing plants, ornamental grass cutting etc
  • Plantation drive -A Plantation drive was undertaken within the college by the members of Environmental Club for planting of decorative, ornamental plants, ferns, table rose, hibiscus and non flowering plants – betel, crotons. – March 2017