Department of Tamil

The Department of Tamil, Dhanraj Baid Jain College established in the year 1972. Tamil is offered as Part – I Language for all U.G. courses. The syllabus covers both classical and contemporary literature. Our Tamil Department has a club named ‘Bharathi Tamil Mandram’. We encourage students to make proficient on Creative Literature like Poetry and Short story. To motivate the students to make their employable in the fields of Journalism, Mass Communication, Translation and Tourism. We gave value based education to make students more responsible person in society and to teach human values and ethics, our culture and create social awareness through literature. In addition to the academic curriculum the Tamil Department is organizing various programmes to the advancement of student community. Following functions are regularly conducted. 1. Manavar Arangam 2. Mutthamizh Vizha 3. Vallalar Vizha 4. Bharathiar Vizha 5. Kamban Vizha 6. Valluvar Vizha 7. Inter Collegiate Tamil Oratorical, Poetry and Essay Competitions 8. Special Lectures / Seminars ( Eminent Tamil Schloaors and Writers are invited)